Beat the Chill

Whenever I go back to my hometown San Jose in Northern California, I forget how drastic temperature drops between day and night. I'm such a baby when it comes to the cold, so I always keep a super comfy jacket in my car no matter what. The jacket I'm wearing with this my outfit is the holy grail of warm cozy fluffy jackets that literally makes me feel like a teddy bear whenever I wear it. Another little trick I do to keep warm is layering my favorite UNIQLO Heattech Ultra Warm turtleneck under my t-shirt or sweatshirt. These babies might look thin, but it works miracles in chilly weather. I wore them under everything during my Japan trip and they are seriously life savers.

JEANS: Vintage (alternative options here, here, and here) JACKET: Urban Outfitters (alternatives here) TSHIRT: Urban Outfitters TURTLENECK: Uniqlo BELT: Gucci BAG: Gucci HEELS: Tony Bianco (also in green here) SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban