Good Jeans Come To Those Who Wait

Good jeans come to those who wait, and after collecting countless pairs of vintage Levis for a very long time, I think I've finally found the one! Surprisingly, these were not from a thrift shop. When I first received them in the mail, they were too big and the butt area was so frayed that it had a small hole. However, I loved the wash and texture of these Levis so much that I decided to keep them. I took them to my tailor and he worked his denim magic and revived them back to its original glory. I am obsessed with the split pockets detail and appreciate the fact that the previous tailor decided to taper the jeans down the back center leg. It was the bit of extra detail that it needed to take them to the next level. The imperfections in these jeans makes them more interesting and superb in my eyes.