New York Recap

I always get excited whenever there is an extreme weather coming our way (mostly rainstorms in CA), so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that there was a snow blizzard coming during our trip in New York. While everyone else in New York was preparing to stay in for the blizzard, I knew I would be exploring the city in snow or blizzard. Even though the actual snowfall or 'blizzard' was way less severe than predicted, I was still super excited and satisfied with what we got. I probably looked like a crazy person when I was purposely jumping into snow piles on the side of the street like a little kid, but who cares right? Besides the exciting day off from the blizzard, this was my first New York trip with a fully packed itinerary of meetings to get to everyday. It was quite the experience running around town with left over snow on the street, and I gotta admit that the snow became less amusing after you've accidentally stepped into a couple slush puddles and got your feet completely drenched while running to your next meeting. I got a taste of what its like to move on the pace of a New Yorker and while that was fun for the week, I'm so glad and happy to be back in home in sunny LA. At the end of the day, I'll always be a Cali girl at heart.